About Us

Jeluxa is a minimalist jewelry brand which brings to you a wide range of alluring light weight jewelry at lovely prices so that you can get a classy look which is pretty affordable too. Our designers burn the midnight oil just to create the perfect designs for your personality type and our craftsmen handle every jewelry piece so delicately that you’d fall in love with their elegancy. Although minimalist jewelry has now-a-days gathered too much popularity and have a lot of brands associated with its manufacturing, the one thing which makes Jeluxa different is their exclusive forms which seem geometric but smooth. These jewelry are an example of fashion with simplicity. We offer you a range of these stylish jewelry in different colors, metals and gemstones. Jeluxa is a dream which came into existence in September, 2020 and our customers are the stories of this beautiful dream which encourage us to work harder on this dream. With every new customer there adds a beautiful incident to our ever going journey.


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring an evolution in the jewelry trends by introducing a unique range of new designs and jewelry types for which our artisans and our creative team unite day and night to bring out the best of ideas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand the new jewelry trends throughout the Indian Subcontinent and also to introduce Jeluxa as a prominent minimalist jewelry brand in the international market. We want to establish a huge market of modern jewelries which are not only fascinating but affordable too. We will be setting up our franchises which will provide employment opportunities to a big segment of people who are creative and progressive.

Our Credo

The making process of our jewelries has always been nature friendly. We won’t ever compromise with the quality of nature for building our brand. Beside this our artisans and other workers are an integral part of our business and hence their welfare is our utmost responsibility as their enthusiasm plays a vital role in the growth of our organization.


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